Thursday, September 23, 2004

Dynamic Meditation

I've been researching on vipassana meditation lately, and have come across this useful and very easy technique called "dynamic meditation," which was invented by Luangpor Teean Jittasubho.

Luangpor "practiced a simple form of bodily movements except that he did not follow the formal rituals and recitation of the words like others did. What he did was only being aware of the movements of the body and mind. Within a couple of days, on the early morning of the eleventh day of the waxing moon, the eighth month of 1957, his mind reached the End of Suffering completely without traditional rituals or teachers."

The on-line copy of his book Manual of Self-Awareness can be found at It teaches a very simple exercise for meditation. Relevant pictures of the movements may be found at

There is also an interview with the enlightened monk at